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Being our client means that you can always rely on a WordPress expert by a renowned tech company with years of experience having a proven track record with clients.

Why you should use WordPress

Managing your wordpress website is a stressful experience, but if you don’t have to do so, then you will have one of the most sophisticated content management systems in the world.

WordPress is highly flexible and it offers an endless amounts of opportunities to build an optimized and converting website. Surely the reason for its popularity in recent years, is the variety of robust features it offers at little or no cost.

  • Free content, plugin, software
  • User-friendly CMS platform
  • Used and loved by users worldwide
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • The largest CMS community
  • WordPress is mobile optimized
  • Tested by IT specialists
  • Hundreds of working plugins
  • Available to all devices
  • The most flexible platform

What WP Hound does to your Website

Allow us to pass the invaluable knowledge gained throughout the years to your company. This way, you will be years ahead of your competitors, having the most important thing in the world – information. We will advise you, which plugins to implement and we will make the necessary customization to improve them. Moreover, we will have your back by updating your website and saving your information on a cloud backup.

  • Speed Optimization

    The marketing experts within our firm will work hardly in partnerships with our wordpress developers to optimize your whole website in order to improve its loading speed. This would lead to the an improved user’s experience.

  • Frequent Updates

    We will update all plugins and themes the moment a new version is released so that they don’t compromise your security. Outdated plugins are considered as a great risk for your security and breach of privacy.

  • Cloud Backups

    Backups are of extreme importance if you don’t want to lose the work of your life in a matter of minutes. We will ensure that your website has a regular backup in case of an emergency.

  • Site Review

    Our experts will go through the website regularly to identify arising issues or areas of your site that require improvement. They will check the security thoroughly as well as the codes of the site for issues or left spam scripts.

  • Malware Scans

    We will scan your website thoroughly on a weekly basis to identify security issues before it becomes too late. Then, we will carefully fix the problems and perform a background check.

  • 24/7 Emergency Support

    Has your website been breached and you are worried about your database’s safety? Contact us now, and we will start working immediately to improve your security and fix any damage before it is too late.

  • Keeping website online

    Imagine that you have thousands of people visiting your WordPress Website and suddenly it stops. You don’t want that! We will monitor your uptime and e-mail you when it goes down so that you can react quickly.

  • WordPress Migration

    Are you not happy with your current hosting provider? We will help you migrate your website quickly without breaking the structure of the site. We guarantee the same performance after the process.

  • Spam Post Cleanup

    We will monitor your website constantly to check whether your website was spammed. If any issues arise, our developers will fix it and then check the WordPress Website Security to prevent future problems of getting spam messages.

  • Improved Security

    Our WordPress developers will perform weekly checks on your website to fix any issues. This would increase the overall protection for you and your visitors, so that your private information will stay within the firm.

  • Email Support

    We will help you set up your email marketing campaigns as it is one of the most profitable ways to contact with loyal customers and convert them again

  • State-of-art Encryption

    Data leakage is of huge concern for every major company nowadays. To prevent this from happening, our coders will encrypt the data transmitted through your servers.

Secure your business with WordPress

Having a business is an adventure, which requires a lot of sweat and efforts. You work hard to keep your business moving forward, but managing such a website is a time-consuming endeavor. Our team of highly qualified wordpress experts team is here to help you!

  • 50,000

    Website go Live Daily.

  • %

    Website run on WordPress.

  • 25.7

    Million files get uploaded daily.

  • 24.5

    Trillion bytes of Data per Hour.

  • 126

    Million Sites per Month.

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