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Delegate those tedious technical tasks to a team of pros who wants you to succeed.

our origin story

Our sole mission is to provide state-of-art security to all kinds of businesses worldwide. Our wordpress developers team of specialists will work tirelessly on your project to ensure that all components are running smoothly.

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer

We saw a need and provided
the wordpress solution

Throughout the years, we have gathered invaluable experience, which allows us to solve your WordPress issues in a timely manner. For our wordpress maintenance service, we use only the latest methodologies by researching them, the moment they are released so that you always stay protected.

Our clients can rest assure that their content and database is always backed up. Moreover, every aspect of their site is perfectly optimized to provide an excellent speed to their clients. We also implement the latest WordPress Website Security techniques to provide extra protection from malware and DDoS attacks.

Know that whatever happens with your website, your business is fully insured and it can go back to the track in a matter of hours. This way, you will save both time and money

Our Focus Securing Websites

WP Hound’s main focus is on the independence of business owners. Our idea is to allow you to expand your business, without having to worry for updates, spam, optimization and security.

Frequent Website Update

State-of-art protection from hackers

Spam Control

Website Loading Optimization

Building Trusted User’s Base

How we Helped Businesses

We provide eCommerce WordPress Maintenance and Solution for a number of businesses spread all over the world. WP Hound ensures that your website is always loading fast and smooth. Our wordpress developers manage the site’s updates and security. Rely on us, for your website, and start worrying only how to expand further and grow your business.

eCommerce WordPress Maintenance
WP Hound helps Businesses
to stay online, Secure and
making it hassle free to have
a Great Visitor Experience.

Our major Checkpoints for Maintenance

Wordpress Website Maintenance Services
  • Daily backups of all your databases and content
  • Improved security protection from malware and DDoS attacks
  • We can install, modify, restore and change your WordPress theme as you please.
  • Install, adjust and fix any issues with your WordPress plugins
  • Full optimization of your website in order to speed it up considerably
  • Making sure the site is SEO optimized to make it easily searchable on top of search results.
  • Site is double layer secured to make it spam proof and making it secure from hacks and attacks.
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