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    Our company will help you manage your online presence and generate additional sales by keeping your WordPress website optimization, secure and updated all time.

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    We begin by creating a project tailored to your requirements. We can take care of the daily wordpress maintenance required for your website to run smoothly.

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    What Do We Offer?

    By choosing our services, you will know that your business is backed up on a daily basis and is secure to decrease chances of breaches to your wordpress website.

Headache Free

Managed Wordpress Maintenance Service

WP Hound provides a professional wordpress website maintanance and support for small, medium and large-sized business. Our mission is to allow every business to enjoy the benefits of wordpress to the fullest.

  • Wordpress & Plugin

    We will ensure that your website is always updated to the last WordPress version. Moreover, the plugins will be updated single-handedly on a daily basis as well for improved security.

  • Uptime / Downtime Monitoring

    You can lose hundreds of clients if your website is down for a long period of time. We constantly monitor the site’s uptime and our technicians will fix any downtime issues as soon as possible.

  • Virus Monitoring
    & Cleanup

    We use advanced technologies to monitor your website for viruses and malware. The moment we find that your website has been compromised, we will clean it and perform a check on your security.

  • Database Repair & Optimization

    If your website has been leaked, then our developers will fix the issues within the next will hours. Then, we will check your database for a leakage and repair it if there are any problems with it.

  • Spam

    Spam attacks are becoming more popular amongst hackers. Being a victim of one can seriously damage your reputation. Moreover, it will surely slow the website as well, which can be a problem.

  • Database

    We will encrypt the information that flows throughout your servers to prevent cyber criminals from receiving it. By encrypting all information, you show customers that you value privacy highly.

  • Firewall & Security Optimization

    Our wordpress developers will optimize your security making it more up-to-date and advance. To have a solid business, you need to make sure that your eCommerce WordPress website will withstand cyber attacks.

  • SSD
    Web Hosting

    This allows every visitor to access your site’s database easier, improving your website’s speed considerably. This is of extreme importance for website with more traffic as slow performance can lead to losses.

Security & Satisfaction

Affordable Website Design Packages

We will improve the overall security of the whole WordPress Website and knowing that you have
your business in reliable hands will result in your satisfaction!

Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction
Security & Satisfaction

Secured wordpress Site by WP Hound

Websites that we maintain and manage on regular basis
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  • Ignition


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